We are here to learn about the basic car maintenance tips. Because having a car means you need to learn how to maintain a car. It needs regular preventive maintenance for it to serve you and its purpose. A well-maintained car also saves you money on repairs, much later. As a driver, you shouldn’t ignore the basic maintenance. And if you are a car lover you already know that this is important.

The general guidelines of car maintenance comes with your owner’s manual. The owner’s manual shows you when the change of oil should be done, the drive or timing belts in your vehicle and filter, type of oil to use, and the right kind of oil. But mastering the skill-sets you need to maintain your car can be difficult. Doing something wrong such as using the wrong oil will damage the car. The damage may be unspeakable, and will cost you a lot more to fix it.

Change of oil

Most cars have a dipstick or gauge where you use it to check the oil level and color. If the level is low, then fill it up and if oil is not clear, but it is murky or muddy then it shows that there is something wrong with the engine it is time to change the oil with new an unused oil.

Checking tire pressure and tread

You can buy a tire air pressure gauge that you can use to check your tire pressure at least once a week so that you refill if low. Good tires will give you a better mileage and save you a lot of money. The tire trends should not be worn out or low as they can because you have an accident or get a fine so replace the tires. The tires need to be rotated and balanced and the car alignment should be checked too after several miles.

Check the battery

There is no much maintenance that is needed for a battery, but it is good to check for leakage if there are any buildups on the contacts so that they can be cleaned because the buildups obstruct the current to pass through the electrical system. If you will need to work on the car involving the electrical system then disconnect the battery first.

Inspect the timing and serpentine belts

These need to be replaced after a certain amount of mileage and this is usually indicated in the owner’s manual. Your mechanic can inspect the belts and get to replace them if they are worn out so as to avoid them failing at an unexpected time and it can damage other accessories in the car which will cost you a lot of money to repair.

Do your own inspection

For basic maintenance, you need to be checking your car often so as to look out for anything that is out of the ordinary. Check if the lights are working, dash warning lights, your fluids, i.e., wiper fluid, coolant, power steering, antifreeze or transmission fluid by use  of the gauges or dipsticks which show the current level against the optimum levels. If you are running low you need to add more or get it changed by your mechanic. Never ignore any leak.

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