BMW Concept 8 Series is another example of what may come to be for BMW – a shamefully good one. For real, we haven’t seen much significant changes in BMW’s design for the past couple of years. The last time we saw something mediocrely impressive was the i8. It did make a name for itself – slightly breaking the ever old habit – and not everybody likes it. With that being said, we can’t guarantee how the future of BMW will turn out and if it fits everyone’s taste.

The BMW i8 – Image source from BMWGROUP

For now, the changes are presumably no more than skin-deep and that’s the least we can expect. But at least they are abandoning the confinement of their identity, which is more than what we can say. If we put things into perspective, BMW has been lingering in the comfort of what they deemed acceptable for the past several years. Their design remained unchanged in most of what was actually in the production. It has been a dull, dull decade.

Granted, adhering to the core of identity is what most makers are trying to do. But without a daring step, there will be no changes.

BMW Concept 8 Series with the Z4 Concept


BMW Concept 8 Series – Image source from BMWGROUP

The Concept 8 Series makes its appearance alongside the new BMW Z4 Concept at the Pebble Beach. Initially, we thought they were one of the same concept but on second-look we realised our sense needs sharpening. Not that they are madly similar or anything, it was but the boggling design at once hindered our better judgement. The BMW Concept 8 Series, as the name implies, is a concept. But all is coming into a reality before we know it. They may have been suiting up for the production as we are talking. We can expect three variations: two-door coupe, four-door Gran Coupe, and cabriolet. All three variations should become side by side by next year.

BMW Concept 8 Series – Image source from BMWGROUP

Recognising that it is a concept, we took the liberty to assume that a certain traits may not make it to the final production. We do hope that the design makes it to the final production entirely. It is a relentless look, that we must say. But that’s not entirely up to BMW to decide considering that some customers may prefer a more conservative option. So, in a sense, BMW has to take into account what is a safer route for their execution, making things more practical and acceptable.

Understandingly, there has been an intentional lack of technical details. The Concept 8 Series will not be in the technical radar until perhaps the next event. For now, sources pointed out that the Concept 8 Series will come with the latest turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six V8 engine as the basic.

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