Peugeot 207 1.4A Sport

$26,688 Car Price
Vehicle Information
  • Icon0KM
  • IconPARF Car
  • Icon1
  • IconHatchback
Down payment $8,006
1st Installment $669
Transfer Fee $25
Upfront Payment $8,700
Maximum Loan 70%
Road Tax $604
COE $30,001
OMV $13,276
ARF $13,276
Depreciation $7,790
Reg Date 1 Oct 2010
End Date 1 Oct 2020
Duration Left 1 Year 5 Mth

The Overview

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Peugeot 207 1.4A Sport

Car condition:
Well maintained in flawless condition

About this model:
Peugeot designers are very clever at producing interiors that appear to be more spacious than they really are so there's no feeling you're travelling in a small car. Boot space is good for this class and can be expanded by double-folding the back seats.

Handling is precise and responsive though it doesn't really fall into the hot-hatch category. Engines should start quickly and idle smoothly within a few seconds of firing up. 

What's included:
Low depreciation

Payment availability:
Up to 90% loan available
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Features and Components


Engine Cap
1,360 cc

65.0 kW (87 bhp)

Curb Weight
1,156 kg

DOHC Inline 4 Cylinders 16 Valves Engine, Advance 2 Tronic Sport Gear With Paddle Shift, Airbags, ABS, 5 Speed Auto Transmission

Original Leather Seats, Fog Lamps, Audio Player, Solar Film, Climate Control, Reverse Sensors

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